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The advantage of the passive self-ligating system - Kurs in Englisch -

Details:The Damon System Advantage

Dr. Sanocki shares in this beginner course his huge knowledge of 13 years working with passive self-ligation. This course is perfect for clinicans which are not so experienced with passive self-ligation in common and/or want to start with the Damon System. Dr. Sanocki will show during his lecture the participants the advantages and possibilities of the system and will help to get confident with it.


Seminar content:

Specific to Damon System diagnostics

    Bracket positioning
    Space management (how to transfer anterior crowding into posterior development)
    Bite turbos placement strategy
    Class II/III elastics choice (when and how)
    Torque control and variable bracket choice in various clinical situations

Nicole Gertz-Wilkes
Tel.: +49 2561 6079438

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