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CA® CLEAR ALIGNER Splints with specially developed VECTOR® expansion screws - Kurssprache Englisch -

Details:Introduction to the topic CA® CLEAR ALIGNER
Case-related indications of CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splints with incorporated VECTOR® screws:
- Presentation of the VECTOR® 30 screw for the lateral -oblique frontal expansion in conjunction with the CA® arch in the upper jaw
- Fabrication of a CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splint with an incorporated VECTOR® 40 / VECTOR® 45 screw for expansion in the lower jaw or fan-type expansion in the upper jaw
- Fabrication of a CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splint with two incorporated VECTOR® screws for single tooth movement in orthodontic treatment
- Fabrication of a CA® DISTALIZER with an incorporated VECTOR® 350 screw for the distalization of molars
(* The VECTOR® 350 screw is component of the CA® Distalizer kit by Dr Pablo Echarri)
Presentation of the TFA kit by Dr Pablo Echarri for gap closure in the posterior region using the telescope sleeve with guiding rod and special traction screw
Review of work results and discussion
Hands-on workshop
Preparation of hard plaster models for pressure moulding
Thermoforming of splints with BIOSTAR®/MINISTAR® S
Incorporation of screws and auxiliary parts
Finishing and polishing
Control: Fit and function

Jana Momber
Tel.: +49 2374 9288-59

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